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Well, campers say it's:

  • ​A forum for talking about what really matters in education
  • A time to connect with others in meaningful ways and share our stories
  • A chance to ​relax and renew in a peaceful setting with kindred spirits
  • A place to play, to sing, to be curious, to wonder, to laugh and get in touch with the kid in me again

Each year, it is up to you and what you bring to it! 

We invite each of you to share your expertise, curiosity and wonder with the rest of us! This year's group of educators includes teachers, musicians, authors, artists, and leaders who work with all ages.  


What would you like to wonder about with us? 

Click the arrows on the image to cycle through a slideshow of GMTC. 

Daily Schedule- sample

8:00 wake up bell

8:30 breakfast

9:30-12 Morning Presentations

12 lunch

1:30-3 Focus group

3:30-5 Focus group

5-6 free time

6:00 dinner

7-9 evening gatherings (campfire, singing, storytelling etc.)

What is it like? 

Support Staff

 We are pleased to announce that Laura Perry returns as our beloved cook. Stephanie Kraus, Cecelia Puleio,Vicky Senni, Lana Hayden, Katrina Ellis-Ferrara, Betsy Langer, Billie Slade and Cathy Martin have been busy behind the scenes as coordinators. 

We also offer a limited children’s program with trusted GMC staff  during the morning presentations.

Call with questions about our child care options 802-257-1751.

Jessica Clayton 

Jessica is a NJ certified teacher who taught in bilingual public preschool programs in both New Brunswick and Trenton before opening up my state licensed home daycare for 12 years. Now, she works as an early childhood educator in a Preschool through 12th grade private, progressive, Reggio Emilia inspired, outdoor school. She is also an advocate for nature play & playschools, a founding board member or the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS), professional development consultant, former Brick board of education member, environmentalist, avid reader, and beginner ukulele player. 

Jessica is wondering: 

"What does an ideal setting for children look like? 

What do we need to teach the way we want to, with the support that we need, in settings that are designed for children?" 

Cathy Martin

Cathy Martin is back again for her 11th year as our music instigator, with her guitar, banjo, piano, percussion, ukulele etc. Although a classical pianist and guitarist, she loves making music of all kinds and leading people in singing as a form of expression! Much of her time is spent playing jazz with a jazz sextet and doing gigs on piano and vocals in the area. Cathy is also the music director at Green Mountain Camp and plays and sings in various local nursing homes. Whether singing with children or elders, (or anyone in between), Cathy knows the power of music to create and reconnect with memories that sustain us!

Focus Groups

Each afternoon, campers gather in focus groups of all sorts. These gatherings organically emerge from informal and formal conversations at camp. Anyone can propose a focus group about something that intrigues you, and it can be a gathering of any kind. 

Here are some examples of proposed focus groups: 

Children and Risk-Why they Need It!

Our bodies are not our masterpieces-Our lives are.

Intrinsic Bias,

Ukuleles and African drums,

Developing leaders and Passing the torch,

We are so looking forward to “keeping it going” by creating a new event together that builds on a solid foundation of what came before, every year it's own creation, depending on who comes to collaborate!

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